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The Coke theme--By DEMONITA
The Simpsons Theme--I tried to make to sound like the opening verson.
The South Park Theme--YES ! the South Park on comedy central.
Forest Gump--Still remember that Tom Hanks movie ? Lovely theme.
The X-files--Did you watch the movie yet ?
Tales From The Crypt--Still remember this show ?
Avengers--Dope movie
Pinky And The Brain--The cartoon !!
Home Improvment--You guys still watch the show ?
James Bond--Classic.
MIB--Yup, Men In Black.
Mission Impossible --This page will self-distruct in five seconds.
Pulp Fiction--Ya, dope theme.
Fame--Remember my name ?
Happy Days--I just saw it this afternoon.
Mortal Combat--I still have the first version of the game.
Looney Tunes--A classic cartoon.
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