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RRR Horns Section

Presenting our section leader :

Michael Eubanks

   The rest of the squad : 

Joleen Locanas                 Kenny Hui

Harmony Collins             Rene Olague  

Afica, Song and Ritual....

our 1998-99 field show. We have four mellophone players with our section leader on B flat Marching French Horn. We are this year's field show's  strength. We got 90% of the melody this year . Go.......Horns!! Alto voices are finally heard !  In our second part of the show, there is a beautiful Horn solo, you gotta listen. Every other Wednesday we hold a sectional to monitor on our musical advances. At most times we just learn the music on our own.

Member Profiles:

Micheal Eubanks : Junior, third year member. First year as section leader. Has perfect pitch, likes to                              work on pitch and tone. He has been playing the piano since he was five.

Joleen Locanas : Also a  junor , another third year member.  Second year playing horn. Loves field shows. Want's to know if any one has DCI tapes to share.