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Marching Band music

Final countdown--Remember this pep tune ?
Louie Louie--slightly altered from the orginal Kingsmen's version.
Hand Jive--With no drum parts...anyone wanna send me the parts ?
Another Bites Out The Dust--By Queen. I added a little something to it.
Tridition, from the musical 'Fiddler On the Roof'--RHS field show 96' opener's intro.
Sunrise Sunset, also from 'Fiddler On The Roof'--RHS field show 96' verson, part 2 .
Sabbath Prayer, 'Fiddler On The Roof' --RHS field show 96' part 3.
Born To Be Wild--Another pep tune
Gonna Make You Sweat--Are you sweating ?
After The Love Is Gone/Fantasy --Both songs are by Earth, Wind , And Fire. Got some bugs here and there, and this is as close as I can to get the songs to sound like the RRR 97' Field show (part 3) arrangment. Hope you like it.
Are You Ready For This ? --2 Unlimited. Are YOU Ready for this ?!
Iron Man--Black sabbath.
YMCA-- The Village People
RRR--Rowland Raider Regiment

Radio Songs

Dammit--By Blink 182. Its a OK verson.
Aenima--BY Tool. Hell of a song.
Sober--Another Tool song.
Sex and Candy--By Marcy Playground.
Down All mixed up--311 songs.
Come on Eileen--By Save Farris
M & M--Another Blink 182 song.
All I have--A Backstreet Boys song.
On bended knee--A classic by Boyz II Men.
Zoot Suit Riot--Cherry Poppin' Daddies. Swing people !
The Way--By Fastball.
Semi-Charmed Life--Third Eye Blind.
Ghost Of Tom Joad Know Your Enemy People Of The Sun--All by Rage Against The Machine.
Inside Out--Eve 6.
Tonight, Tonight Today--Smashing Pumpkins songs.
Untill It Sleeps--Metallica
Wrong Way Santeria--Sublime stuff.
I Want You Back--N'Sync, Elaine, I did your request.
Kiss from A Rose--By Seal, my own 'request for myself'
Tell him--k, thankx for telling him. -???-
Spider Webs--No Doubt.
Truly, Madly, Deeply--Savage Garden
Hell--Squirrel Nut Zippers
I'll be missing you--Puff daddy
Crossroads--Bone Thugs N' Harmony
Gangsta's Paradise--Coolio


25 or 6 to 4--BY Chicago. For some strange reason I really like this song. Hope my verson would also be well liked.
She's the one Rock Away Beach Tomorrow She Goes Away I don't care Blizbrieg Bop I Wanna Be Sedated--Check out these songs by the Brazilian band Ramones.
Paranoid--Orginal by Black Sabbath. Again without drum parts, gets a little boring.
Shy Sensitivity Happily Ever After --All from the musical 'Once Upon A Mattress'.
Matchmaker Sabbath Prayer Tradition Sunrise,Sunset--All from the musical 'Fiddler On The Roof'.
Phantom Of The Opera Masquerade--Both from the musical 'Phantom Of The Opera'.
I'll Cover You--From the musical 'Rent'
Sue Me--From the musical 'Guys n' Dolls'. Frank Sinatra was in the movie.
On A Clear Day I Can See Forever--From the Musical of the same name.
Medley Tonight--From West Side Story.
Barbie Girl--Aqua.
Johnny B. Good--My school choir once sang this song.
Knocking On Heaven's Door--I once heard a very pretty version of this song at a show choir comp.
Hotel California--Eagles, anyone has 'hell freezes over', please send it to me !
The Empire Strikes Back end title--Star wars
Grease Lighting We Go Together Those Magic Changes Summer Nights Alma Mater (twisted verson) --All from 'Grease'
I Still Believe--From 'Miss Saigon' (did I spell that right ?)
Memories--From 'Cats'
My Girl--my girl, my girl, girl
Tell Laura I Love Her--Tell Laura I love her, Tell Laura I need Her...
Sing Sing Sing--Sing, sing, sing / swing, swing, swing,
Tequila--Any Salsa dancers, anything like that ?
After The Love Is Gone Fantasy--Both by Earth, Wind, And Fire.
Brain Damage--A self-dedicated song
Return To Innocence--Enigma. Denise here is you request !
KC And The Sun Shine Band Medley--You just gotta hear it
Got The Life (intro)--By Korn
Everything I Do I Do It For You--Bryan Adams


Cola Song--Just like the one from the commercial. I got it from my friend's page
The South Park Theme--YES! The SOUTH PARK on comedy central. By Primus.
The Simpsons Theme--I tried to make it sound like the title verson, at the beinging of each episode.
Forest Gump--Still remember that Tom Hanks movie ? Lovely theme.
The X-files--Did you watch the movie yet ?
Tales From The Crypt--Still remember this show ?
Avengers--Dope movie
Pinky And The Brain--The cartoon !!
Home Improvment--You guys still watch the show ?
James Bond--Classic.
MIB--Yup, Men In Black.
Mission Impossible --This page will self-distruct in five seconds.
Pulp Fiction--Ya, dope theme.
Fame--Remembers my name ?
Happy Days--I just saw it this afternoon.
Mortal Combat--I still have the first version of the game !
Looney Tunes--A classic cartoon.

Loops--simple repeating partterns

50's Bassline--not exactly, but close.
Distort--A loop I made while playing with distorted the guitar on MIDI.
Dirty--Making 'dirty' gutiar/bass sounds with a clean guitar/pick bass. I like this loop alot, but have minor 'connecting' problems. What do you think of it ?
Ring--When listen to this loop long enough, I start hearing rings in my head (I think, imagination ?). Hope it's not ear damaging, but annoyingly good !
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